Welcome everyone! This is my online portfolio.

I’ll tell you a little bit about me. I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, in a family of animators. My father, as an amazing artist, was responsible for inspiring and motivating my studies 20 years ago. I started my career in a stop motion studio, helping to model characters. It was the first time that I saw a colleague working on a 3d software and from then on, it became my passion. For almost 15 years I worked on hundreds of commercials, tv shows and short films. I spent 10 of those years working at Vetor Zero/Lobo, the biggest animation studio in Latin America and highly awarded in their field.

During my time in Vetor Zero I took several different positions, the longest of them being Animation Supervisor, in which I had the opportunity to improve my leading skills, while supervising a team of more than 40 animators.

My experience in Vetor Zero led me to supervise high-end animation projects for Flooul Animation, such as the short film “Tamo Junto” and the music video “In my heart”.

The last 3 years I was working as Animation Director for Gullane in the biggest 3D feature animation project ever done in Brazil in co-production with Symbiosis from India. In this project I was responsible for character development, defining the animation style and supervising the animation production.

Nowadays I’m based in London, open to new adventures in animation and looking to improve my work and experiences.